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Steel structure export

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Steel structure export

Packaging problems: In order to maintain the competitive advantage of China's steel structure, it is necessary to continuously improve product quality, including the production quality and packaging quality of the steel structure itself. Packaging should be as simple as possible and reduce the amount of packaging materials, while ensuring a strong, beautiful.

Steel structure export

Export mode: steel structure export is generally realized by container or open top cabinet. For steel structures with large weight and irregular volume, shelves welded by steel can be used, steel structure materials are stacked on the shelves and packed, and then the steel structure materials are pushed into the containers together with the shelves through the cooperation of gantry cranes and forklifts. This approach is more efficient, but will lose some container space. Another method is to pile the steel structure materials one by one in the open top cabinet. This method has a relatively high space utilization rate, but the efficiency is relatively low and the loading time is relatively long.

Steel structure export

Warehouse management: steel structure export requires the warehouse department to do a good job in warehouse-in and warehouse-out management to ensure that there is no problem of material leakage. There are also requirements for the responsibility and ability of storage personnel. International market: To maintain the competitive advantage of China's steel structure, it is necessary to actively open up the international market and continuously improve product quality. At the same time, customers have higher and higher requirements for suppliers, such as the need to provide some market certification and engineering cases.


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