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[two sessions face to face]: China's steel structure market prospects

Steel structure market potential is huge, the development prospect is very broad. I firmly believe that in the future, more buildings will be constructed with super high-rise steel structures and large-span steel structures, the technical standards and specifications of steel structures will be improved, and the industrial chain will be extended." When talking about the future development prospects of steel structures, Gao Feng, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and deputy chief engineer of China Metallurgical Construction Research Institute Co., Ltd., told the reporter of China Metallurgical News. The government work report is very exciting and proud. The government work report is high-level, truth-seeking and pragmatic, rich in content, and has many bright spots. It is a good report that takes the overall situation, strengthens confidence, and unites the hearts and minds of the people. I fully agree with and support it.


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