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Manpower Training

Manpower training

★Talent is the first resource, is the source of the development of enterprises, in this competition, "people-oriented" concept of corporate culture wanerte. Our vanguard value goal is to keep pace with the times, work methods and ideas at the forefront of the times, firm principles to ensure that works: security, economic and practical.

★Wanerte focus on brand image, with the leading technology and unique creativity, to provide design services for steel structure and a full range of solutions for domestic and foreign well-known enterprises, with steel structure design software at home and abroad.

★And establish a complete set of scientific talent recruitment, selection, use, development, assessment and management mechanism, and strive to provide employees with a broad space for development, a good environment for growth. By "absorbing talents, using talents, retaining talents and developing talents", the establishment of a strong and stable technology and management team. At present, the total number of employees (including wanerte workshop) for more than and 200 people, professional technical and management staff of about more than and 70 people. Financial innovation, design, review, processing, production, installation in one of the professional team. Has a group of young and energetic engineers, with multi industry cooperation and mature experience. High quality professional technology and management talent to join, and effectively promote the rapid and stable development of enterprises.


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