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Manpower Training

★ According to the direction and strategy for the development of the company, the human resources department is responsible for the occupation career planning and personal training plan for employee, make employee occupation career planning and development objectives of the enterprise to form a harmonious unity. Staff development to promote the realization of the company's objectives, the company's development to promote the realization of personal goals.

★ According to the needs of various departments of the company, the human resources department is responsible for organizing and implementing the staff training plan according to the annual plan. Specific include the following: new employees into the job training, technical job qualification training, continuing education qualification, management ability training, technical ability training.

★ In addition to the above daily training, the company also provides the chance to study and work for the rotation of the willingness of the staff, and regularly sending outstanding employees to participate in management and professional knowledge of the course of study, we are involved in a work, study and life lessons every Friday. Regular external teacher training. Second, encourage people in different positions to learn from each other and make progress together. Through a variety of training mode, to promote the rapid growth of employees.

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