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Wante Shidu Outward Training

At the end of April 2018, Wante Company organized outward bound training in Beijing Shidu for 3 days. We are in the construction industry. The company leaders specially considered that most of the employees' daily work is on the construction site, the work is very hard, and there are few opportunities for face-to-face communication. They designed and organized this "expansion" in the hope that all employees can promote communication while getting a rest. And trust. Outward bound training allows everyone to gather, communicate and communicate together for a long time to enhance interpersonal understanding. The outward bound activities themselves also strengthen the ability of cooperation between people. In addition to outward bound training, but also enjoy the scenery of the Dabie Mountains, to participate in the local special




2017 Vanth Family Annual Meeting Carnival

December 31, 2017 is the happiest day of the year for us Wante people. All Wante people gather together to celebrate our festival. On this day, we have no leaders and employees, no superiors and subordinates. We are brothers and sisters. We are a big group. Everyone's face is full of smiles, and we gather here with sincere gratitude. In order to let everyone better participate in each other's memories and keep this beautiful memory in our hearts, all of us are preparing attentively, from the layout of the venue to the 1.1 drops. Everywhere is the expression of our love for Vanderbilt!


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