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Application analysis of steel aluminum composite structure in curtain wall design

Application analysis of steel aluminum composite structure in curtain wall design

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1 Introduction

From the architectural form of our country, the curtain wall industry has developed rapidly in recent years. People have gradually improved the overall beauty of the building. They pursue more features, require the building to highlight the characteristics of the design, many large span and high-end buildings, the style of the building and the structure of the structure of the space system are gradually strengthened. This kind of situation, the pure aluminum in the installation of limited space inside has been insufficient to meet the stress performance of curtain wall. The curtain wall with steel and aluminum combination plays an important role in guaranteeing the stability of the building, and the steel aluminum structure itself is light in quality, high in strength and low in cost, and is suitable for various projects.

2 curtain wall design steel aluminum structure

In the design of the curtain wall support structure, in order to meet the requirement of the force and save the amount of aluminum material and reduce the cost, the steel and aluminum composite sections are often used, the exposed part is made of aluminum alloy sections, and the hidden part is the main force part of the steel section, so that the appearance is beautiful, the cross section is small and bearing energy. Strong, and reached the purpose of low engineering cost.

From the essence of the material, the aluminum alloy profile has good appearance, good applicability and durability, and the strength value of aluminum alloy is generally in 85.5MPa, and the modulus of elasticity can reach 70000MPa. It is the first choice material in the curtain wall design. The strength of steel is high and the modulus of elasticity reaches 2100000MPa, which is generally more than three times of the aluminum alloy profile. The load bearing weight requirements and so on also have a good development prospect. The decoration and durability are slightly worse than the aluminum. The structure of steel aluminum this combination of each other, both to ensure the appearance and increase the strength and stability.

3 design of steel structure of aluminum curtain wall technology

Combination of stiffness and aluminum, generally can be divided into stacked and combined two. The so-called overlap: that is, the steel profiles are not connected, only from the structure to ensure that the two are simultaneously subjected to force; and the combination type and the superposition are different in the combination form between the rigid and the aluminum profiles with physical or chemical methods between the two. Because of the different combination of the two sections, the performance after the acceptance is different, and the design calculation method is also completely different, but because the specific conditions of the project are different, there are more applications in the two forms.

There are 4 steel aluminium composite materials in curtain wall design problems.

Widely used in curtain wall design in the building is glass curtain wall, the light and the color has a wide market prospect. But from the current form, there are many shortcomings in practical engineering. Aluminum Alloy material and column shaped materials in the structure of the curtain wall application is very wide, the problems of material selection. But from the construction point of view, this material is less elastic, can not stand the wind effect. Secondly, in practical applications, the application of aluminum and steel in it may form a number of so-called original batteries, which affect the safety of the whole curtain wall, so it is necessary to avoid the phenomenon of producing the original battery. Should choose some other materials, as far as possible to avoid the emergence of electrolyte.

Starting from the design specifications, the structure form of steel aluminum composite lack of some market industry standards, but the steel aluminum composite structure and has broad prospects for development. In this case, the relevant departments should try to make the relevant provisions of the steel aluminium composite application. At the same time, but also to strengthen the development of technology standards, the standards and technical standards together, reduce steel aluminum material in the existing problems.

The solution of 4 steel aluminium composite structure in the design of curtain wall

The problems on the problem, will have a certain impact on the development of curtain wall structure. Therefore, in order to fundamentally improve the quality of the curtain wall design, the need to strengthen the application and the application process of the audit work. In the construction and application of curtain wall design is very strict, very high security requirements. At the same time, we should set up a complete set of plans, strengthen the construction of the regulation of rewards and penalties, create high quality engineering change activities, improve the overall quality of the curtain wall structure, and the management level of the construction enterprises.

Secondly, to strengthen the quality management of curtain wall structure, selecting suitable materials. The raw material directly affects the quality of curtain wall, the raw material is the key of engineering construction, the quality is the key of Engineering construction. The relevant departments must strengthen the application of new technology, to avoid the material relationship of some quality problems.

For example, some inert materials, such as anticorrosive gaskets, can be added to some steel and aluminum structures, not to make contact between the raw materials of the two and avoid the reaction of the original battery. To continue to strengthen the stability of reinforced steel structure curtain wall structure. In the application process, to continue to strengthen the application of new materials and new technologies, the strength and range of use of materials to be strengthened. In the design of curtain wall structure, both to enhance the robustness of the curtain wall structure, but also enhance the ability of high temperature resistance. The curtain wall technology itself is constantly developing, the designers should continue to learn and apply, improve the existing technical practices, strengthen the innovation of the structure, and promote the development of many aspects.

Finally, in the application of technology, developed countries should learn to learn, to adopt new methods, new ideas, learning new skills, strengthen their own construction. More importantly, the relevant departments should strengthen the formulation of relevant laws and regulations, and the technical inspection departments should strengthen the application of technical norms, which plays an important role in improving the design and application of the curtain wall structure.


In the construction of curtain walls, building materials are fundamental to ensure the stability of buildings. Choosing the right building materials is an important responsibility of architectural designers. With the continuous development of architectural design, in the design of large span and high altitude curtain wall, the structural form of steel and aluminum combination will be gradually favored by designers and widely used. Changing the structural design form of curtain wall adds more colors to the design of buildings, and the buildings themselves return to a new level. Therefore, to make full use of the characteristics of building materials, to simulate the overall design using advanced technology to enhance the reliability of material design, draw some data from the actual operation, and analyze data, these materials are skillfully combined, to avoid problems, realize the optimization combination.