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Development history

Development history

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On 2010 after years of accumulation, coupled with rich cultural heritage, refine the prototype basis, Tianjin wanerte Steel Structure Co. Ltd was registered formally.

> 2011 economic globalization has brought the new pattern of economy and choice, but also brought new opportunities for the development of the cause of the steel structure. In the face of challenges, wanerte people are not afraid, expanding the application of capital strength, improve the corporate culture and management system. We believe that the essence of knowledge to survival of the fittest in natural selection, the. Because of this, in the continuous progress across wanerte. 

> How to 2012 regardless of changing times, success always favors hard strong. Passing of night, the road ahead will be long, I will search. Although the future of the road long and tortuous, but we firmly believe that in the wanerte environment industry won the feudal lords vying for the throne, based on domestic and foreign. In the mature operation, gradually acquired a wanerte strong and competent enterprises in. Wanerte continued strong.

> 2013 new year, a new starting point. Your focus is to support our ongoing confidence and motivation. The general manager of the company under the leadership of Wang Guiping, we establish made output value of nearly billion, construction projects and projects in more than 20. We force survival, innovation, to meet the needs of the global economic integration pattern of opening up, in order to meet the needs of the community. We have achieved a major breakthrough in the company's strength, market expansion, capital operations, cultural sublimation and so on. We believe that the unity of the people, wanerte sincere cooperation, we will deliver the goods, realize the ambition. We will be your strong partner, will be the bridge of your business development, will be your trustworthy friend and trust.