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Dear friends from all walks of life:

Hello everyone!

First I represent the Tianjin wanerte steel structure limited company welcome you to our website, units and individuals and to the long-term care, support and help the development of our company, to express my heartfelt thanks! To extend my best wishes and sincere wishes to all the employees who have been working hard in their respective positions!

Architecture changes city, quality changes life. Stand in the city life of the creator, wanerte with innovative technology to guide the market, improve the quality of work and life as its mission, is committed to building steel structure development and production, and always adhere to the integrity, pragmatic, innovation and beyond management philosophy. With a large scale of production, advanced production technology and scientific management structure; the spirit of high-quality and low price for consumers to enjoy the benefits for the basic principle, down-to-earth, people with DS, better service to the society.

Today, the historic opportunity, let us stand on a new starting line, we feel the heavy responsibility, look forward to more new leap. In the face of increasingly fierce competition, I will continue to work together with all the staff, one step at a time, to the world first-class enterprise as the goal, to create wealth, benefit society and struggle. Let us together: witness history, create the future, together to create the spring of steel structure industry!